Salpido Vaccum Cooler V8

Product details of SALPIDO V8 Portable USB Notebook/Laptop Air Cooler Radiator Exhaust Fan -Adopts recirclulating-ball high speed cooling fan which benefits its efficiently long-term work, durable to use -Protects your valuable data by keeping your notebook computer cool and runs your laptop at an optimal speed -Ultra silent, won't disturb you while you are working, gaming or watching films on laptop -LCD screen clearly displays current work mode and real-time temperature of air outlet -Automatic mode and manual mode can be switched freely by M key -Comes with 4 ventilation vovers which are highly compatible with most laptops in market -Unique connection type, simple and efficient
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Product details of SALPIDO V8 Portable USB Notebook/Laptop Air Cooler Radiator Exhaust Fan

Product Description




This is a special suction type cooling system specially designed for laptop. It can reduce internal temperature of laptop rapidly and effectively to solve the difficult cooling problem, so that the lifespan of laptop can be longer and service efficiency is also higher. Just connect the product to heat emission hole of laptop through ventilation cover, high-power suction fan can accelerate ventilation within laptop to achieve optional cooling effect. Therefore, the product shows excellent cooling effect whin shortest time.



Manual Mode
Manual mode is divided into a total of five levels (V0 - V5), V5 is the maximum wind speed of work, every minute is 4800 rpm, maximum efficiency, the cooling effect is best when the wind speed is V0 when the radiator will stop working.

Automatic Mode
The radiator outlet based notebook to regulate the temperature of the heat sink velocity level; notebook outlet when the temperature reaches 45 degrees, the radiator will work at maximum power, will automatically reduce wind speed rating lower than 45 degrees, when when temperature is below 35 degrees, the heat sink will stop.


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